Nina Schipoff is a German interdisciplinary artist, based in Geneva, Switzerland, working in painting, video and photography.


Nina Schipoff is a german interdisciplinary artist, based in Geneva, Switzerland. She graduated from the Geneva University of Art and Design( HEAD) in 2008 and obtained a postgraduate diploma in painting from the Geneva School of Stage Set Design in 2009.

Her artworks investigate the concepts of space, time and movement. She questions the invisible and visible traces of the interaction between man and landscape and their ecological and geo-political impact in an accelerating world.

Her narrations recount the fragments of a disappearing untamed paradise, like frozen memories of the complex equilibrium in the evolution of life.

Schipoff has been presenting her artworks in numerous exhibitions in Europe, the US, Asia, India, Africa and the Middle East. Her work is part of the collection of the Bangkok National Gallery and many other public and private collections.



CV :


born in Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany, 1963

Lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland




Training :


2008-2009     postgraduate Certificate in Painting, Geneva School for Stage -Set Design

2004-2008     federal Diploma HEA of Visual Arts at the

                           Geneva University for Art and Design  (HEAD)
2006-2008     Certificate for the Training of Art Education at the

                           Geneva University of Art and Design(HEAD),

                             Specialisation in Theory and History of Art


2012 - 2015    curator at Espace Kugler, Geneva; 

since 2016      independent curator in various places



solo shows

2021    Danse macabre, Galerie Kaminska/Stocker, Yverdon-Les -Bains, Switzerland;

2020   vibrations insaisissables, Galerie Kaminska/Stocker, Yverdon-Les -Bains, Switzerland;

2019    Voir et être vu,  Galerie Ruine, Geneva, Switzerland;

2019    Under blue sky, Théâtre de L'espérance, Geneva. Switzerland;

2019    Amplitudes, Galerie de Grenette, Seyssel, France

2018    Trance with me, LATELIER, Les Ateliers Victor Hugo, Sète, France;

2018    Fragments of time, CC du Manoir, Cologny, Switzerland;

2016    shifting, LATELIER, Sète, France;
2016    personal, Ecuries du Château, Samoëns, France;
2014    personal, Espace Kugler, Genève;
2014    soloshow, ESF, Lausanne;
2012    exposition en duo, Galerie Ruine, Geneva;
2011    THE ARTIST:LOOK NOW, pop-up exposition, Geneva;

2011    Espace Cheminée Nord, Geneva;



group shows


En équilibre, Art-en-Campagne, crossborder biennale between Collex-Bossey CH et Ornex F;

lift-off  FF, US, online session;

inconscient, Chapelle St. Maurice, Alby-sur-Chéran, France;

Untold stories, when the sun doesn't go down, Fishfactory, Stöðvarfjörður, Iceland;

Launch of the Art/NaturSci Movement and Earth Collection on the cargo sailing  vessel AVONTUUR, between Hamburg DE and Douarnenez FR;


Willi Woo, EEEH, Place du Marché, Nyon, Switzerland;

Dents creuses, Journées europeennes du patrimoine, St Laurent des Arbres, France;

Faire et defaire la vraie vie, Si proche-Si loin, Chapelle St. Maurice, Alby sur Chéran, France;

Wild Life, Fonderie, Geneva, Switzerland;

Lié à notre sol, Chapelle St. Maurice, Alby sur Chéran, France;

Si proche-si loin, les virosuspendus, simultanious exhibit: Atelier Savolainen, Roquebrun F, Atelier Léonési, Avignon F, Pour ainsi dire, Sète F, Echangeur22, St Laurent des Arbres F, Garage19, Geneva CH;

De l'image aux mots, à l'autre bout des yeux, Galerie de l'Angle, Paris, France;



Feu sacré, Fonderie, Genève, Switzerland;

Cefalu FF, Italy;

Summer movies 19,  Stories at EchoPark, Los Angeles, USA;

3. Biennale Interstellaire des espaces d'art de Genève, BIG;

Murmures, Chapelle Saint Maurice, Alby-sur-Chéran, France;

Nuit de la vidéo, LATELIER, Sète, France;

Tauwetter, garage19, Geneva, Switzerland;

BIG paintings, Galerie François Fontaine, Satigny, Switzerland;



emoticons, Body&Soul, Lancy; Switzerland;

In-short, Lagos, Nigeria;

SIFF, Switzerland, 

De l'image aux mots, à l'autre bout des yeux, Andata. Ritorno, Genève, Switzerland;

Voices from the Waters International Traveling Film Festival, India;

MOTTATTOM, Geneva, Switzerland;

Ecuries du Chateau, Samoëns, France;

All About Summer - Short Film Festival, London, UK;

AaAab International Film Festival, Moga, Punjab, India;

Al-Nahj International Film Festival, Karbala, Iraq;

Dances Without Frontiers, Andata-Ritorno, Geneva, Switzerland;

Danses sans territoire, NAN Art Space, Nan, Thailand;



Dances Without Frontiers, The National Gallery Bangkok, Thailand;

SeeMôr FF, Anglesey, UK;

My art goes boom, Villa Dutoit, Petit- Saconnex, Switzerland;

SEFF, Poland;
SOO Film Festival, Michigan, USA;


The Berlin Flash Film Festival, Germany;
SEA(S)17, Ionion Center for Arts, Greece;
MOTTATTOM, Geneva, Switzerland;
Barcelona Planet FF, Spain;
Woodengate FF, Baia Mare, Romania;
Let the wind crack the frosted stone, LISTRIK, Montreux, Switzerland;

MontezumArt, Montezuma, Costa Rica;
small is beautiful, Le Salon Vert gallery, Carouge, Switzerland;
My Art Goes Boom, usine Kugler, Geneva, Switzerland;
des étoiles dans la tête, atelier JV17, Geneva, Switzerland;



Foncer, garage19, Geneva, Switzerland;
crossborder experiment, LATELIER, Sète, France;

Le commencement, LISTRIK, Montreux, Switzerland;

SEA(S)16 , Ionion Center for Arts, Kefalonia, Greece;

Sensler Museum, Tafers, Switzerland;
CICA museum, South- Korea;
Venice Experiment video art Festival, Italy;



ex voto, Projektraum M54, Basel ;

Cinem'Artistes, Ferme de la Chapelle, Grand-Lancy ;

Real Dream, Fonderie, Geneva ;
Bruit, Villa Dutoit, Petit-Saconnex ;



OMBRE ET LUMIERE, Galerie du Collectif E3, Arles, France ;

‘’100 ET QUELQUES AUTRE’’, Villa Dutoit, Petit-Saconnex ;

Les Heures Blanches des Musées, Geneva ;

Le cadre, Villa du Jardin Alpin, Meyrin ;



Pantone K 2013, Kugler, Geneva ;

Paysage ’13, Swiss Art Space, Lausanne ;

Beyond the wall, Fonderie, Geneva ;
Un dimanche à la campagne, Fonderie, Geneva ;

Utopie Picturale, Villa Dutoit, Petit-Saconnex ;



Poésie Végétale, Villa Dutoit, Petit-Saconnex;
courant continu, Halle Nord, Geneva ;
dessin aujourd’hui et demain 9, espace kugler, Geneva ;



Rathania’s – ars similis casus, Musée Rath Geneva ;

Mur exquis, Halle Nord, Geneva ;

Passions dévoilées, Villa Dutoit, Petit-Saconnex ;

Miniature, Espace cheminée Nord, Geneva ;



Open Week, Halle Nord, Geneva ;
dessin act-art, Halle Nord, Geneva;
Fête de famille, Villa Dutoit, Petit-Saconnex;

ewz selection, Zürich;



Extravaganza, Kugler, Geneva;

MAC_09, Geneva;

one-minute-film-festival ,Aarau;

ewz selection, Zürich;


one-minute-film-festival, Aarau;


Answer for tomorrow, PU Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia;



artist in residence:


Fish Factory, Stöðvarfjörður, Iceland;


LATELIER, les Ateliers Victor Hugo, Sète, France;


Grant winner, residence, Ionion Center for Arts, Kefalonia, Greece;

curator of  exhibits :


inconscient, Chapelle St. Maurice, Alby sur Chéran, FR;


Lié à notre sol, Chapelle St. Maurice, Alby sur Chéran, FR;

Si proche-si loin, les viro-suspendus, simultanious exhibit, co-curator:     

Atelier Savolainen, Roquebrun FR, Atelier Léonési, Avignon FR, Pour ainsi  dire, Sète FR, Echangeur22, 

St Laurent des Arbres FR, Garage19, Geneva, CH;


Murmures, Chapelle Saint Maurice, Alby-sur-Chéran, FR;

Tauwetter, garage19, Geneva, CH;


Ecuries du Chateau, Samoëns, FR;


Real Dream, Fonderie, Geneva,CH, co-curator;


Espace Kugler, Geneva, CH;


The National Gallery Bangkok, Thailand;

Earth collection, Art/NaturSci Movement, Berlin, Germany ;

Marie de Cologny, Switzerland;


123 ART MAGAZIN, 2021:











19, Av. de la Jonction

''old Kugler Factory''

1205 Geneva









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